Dreamcast Japan Import Limited Edition Resident Evil 1

Biohazard Dreamcast Limited Edition Consoles RED & BLUE

A week ago I made a Top 10 list compiling of the rarest Resident Evil collectibles to be found around the world. In case you haven’t read it, or just stumbled upon our site you can read the article here.

Biohazard Limited Edition DreamcastBiohazard Limited Edition Dreamcast

Doing a search today I ended up finding the two DC Ltd consoles! In the Top 10 list, these consoles(Red & Blue) sit at #4 on the rarity list. Now to be honest with you, I don’t have a passion for collecting limited edition consoles, however, there are plenty of collectors who build their entire collections around limited edition consoles, especially sought out ones such as these Dreamcast Biohazard consoles.

The one featured above is the ““BLUE” console with the “S.T.A.R.S.” logo on the top of the Dreamcast. I am not sure why only 200 of these models were made, but this is the rarer of the two(the price suggests it). The seller says:

Japan Import

Ultra Rare

Like New Perfect Condition

200 Pcs. in the world

Console number : 029/200

Complete Set

when you buy it you can get it all

….029/200 is as low as I’ve seen em. The complete package looks in excellent condition. Now here’s the thing, this console is listed at $2499. Is it going to sell for that? I don’t believe so. But if it does, then VGA will have to revise the Top 10 list (already!).

Interested in the Blue DC console? Click Rare limited edition Biohazard Dreamcast Console

Biohazard Limited Edition DreamcastBiohazard Limited Edition Dreamcast

This version of the DC limited edition model has only 1800 made in the world. This auction has #1710/1800, which is very high number but at this point just finding one of these consoles is quite spectacular. The seller is a little more reasonable with the price as they have a “best-offer option on it.

This auction is complete and everything looks in amazing shape! Seller is also located in the US so shipping shouldn’t be an issue.

Try your luck! Rare limited edition Biohazard Dreamcast Console (RED)


I thought this was an interesting auction from Yahoo Japan. It’s for the cords that were attached to Milla Jovovich in the movie, “Resident Evil Apocalypse”.

Biohazard Limited Edition DreamcastBiohazard Limited Edition Dreamcast

Biohazard Limited Edition Dreamcast

This is another type of collectible I am not really into, props. The Resident Evil movies don’t reflect the game very well(it’s probably not suppose too), but these props have gained MASSIVE attention world wide and I’ve witnessed a bunch of Resident Evil: Afterlife props sell well into the thousands.

This particular prop was on sale for 800,000 YEN(it ended this morning). If you want to check it out click here!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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