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Biohazard Moby Dick Complete set and Other Interesting Auctions

Got a bunch of interesting auctions to share with you all.

Up first is this Biohazard(Resident Evil) Moby Dick Complete figures! This was ranked #7 on my Top 10 Rarest Resident Evil Collectibles and it’s around the same price range that I listed them at.

Resident Evil Moby DickResident Evil Moby Dick

Resident Evil Moby DickResident Evil Moby Dick

Resident Evil Moby DickResident Evil Moby Dick

Like I mentioned before, to get the whole set is ridiculously hard. Moby Dick toys were only made in Japan, and even in Japan these toys were hot stuff. Every child wanted to collect these. I use to be part of a Biohazard community where Japanese collectors would post all their collections and show off this set. If you had the complete set you were viewed as a “top notch” R.E collector.

Anyways enough blabbing. This seller has the whole set, unfortunately it’s a “loose” set. But this is a perfect opportunity to have a nice corner in your room to display these bad boys(if you like R.E of course). You’ll need to dish out some cash for this one.

Click here for Resident Evil Biohazard Moby Dick Toys Full Figure Set

GAMEPRO Super Monkey Ball Figures AIAI and GONGON

Super Monkey BallsSuper Monkey Balls

This is a pretty interesting item. GamePro Magazine and Nintendo Power teamed up with JoyRide studios to make this exclusive figure.

Seller says:

Here is a very hard to find Gamepro Super Monkey Ball AIAI and GONGON figures and balls from Series 1. It is copyrighted by Sega in 2002. “Each figure rolls in their ball as well as being fully removeable!” The package has never been opened and is in good condition with only minor surface wear. A great item for the collector.

If you are a Super Monkey Balls fan, this is a great collectors item.

Click here for Super Monkey Balls Exclusive GamePro Figure

Other Interesting Auctions:
Super Mario Bros Table Top Electronic Pinball Game
Pac-Man 7 Inch Plush from the 80’s
Nice Super Mario Bros. 3 Raccoon Plush 1990 16 Inch
Is there a $400 Bill trapped in the Wallet?
Super Mario Tape Pepsi Tape from Japan – You can get this 10x cheaper on Yahoo JPN
Metal Gear Solid ARCADE Special Ticket Promo – “Not for sale, it is modeled Bronze Ticket, Silver Ticket, Gold Ticket, and Platinum Ticket that appear in the game.

I just thought after all these zombie and Resident Evil posts that our eyes need a little break.

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • akira
    Aug 27, 2010

    The Nemesis Type 3 in this collection is crazzzyyyy amazing.

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