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Bioshock Infinite Autographed True Patriot Poster Auction in Support of the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts

It’s great when a seller puts a portion of the auction sale price towards a charity but when you see an auction which is going %100 to a charity, it’s a no lose buy. Today’s first auction is %100 in benefit of the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Bioshock Infinite Autographed True Patriot Poster – This fantastic poster has been signed by directors, artists, animators and programmers who worked on Bioshock Infinite. Twelve signatures in all. Check out the auction details for the names of who signed.

Elder Scrolls Online Aluminum Beer Mug – This mug is taking bids and the auction has less than 24 hours left on it.

PS3 Launch Day Bumper Sticker – The red E was a nice touch.

Halo Combat Evolved Original Limited Promotional Poster – First bid is in. Any Halo fans want to top it?

Darkwatch Metal Train Coin Bank Promo – Press give away with great style.

Arc The Lad Twilight Of The Spirits Paperweight – Hey look it’s a paperweight!… Why do I feel the need to bid?

Kaitei Daisensou In The Hunt Plush Sub – Cool little plush from a great Saturn shooter.

HALO 3 Concept Art Lithograph Limited Print 488 of 500 – Numbered with certificate of authenticity.

Legend of Zelda Glossy 8-bit Sword Hyrule Historia Promo – It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

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