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Bioshock Infinite Boardwalk Print Limited 100, Blizzard and Atari Jackets

Regular readers here at VGA have probably noticed several of the Devil’s Kiss Vigor bottles that have been signed that were up on auction. It’s remarkable how many of the 50 signed ones are still trading hands on eBay to this day. Is it really possible that less than 50 collectors out there actually want one to own and keep?… Nah, it’s probably the prices that are stopping those out there who can actually appreciate something so rare. Anyway, you’ll find another one below and it’s selling to the highest bid in about 24 hours.

First up is another Bioshock Infinite limited collectible. This framed print however was limited to 100.

Bioshock Infinite Boardwalk Print Limited 100 – The auction is for #18 of 100

Bioshock Infinite Devil’s Kiss Vigor Bottle Signed by Ken Levine 1 of 50 – The bottle is actually #389 of 500 but only 50 were signed.

Nintendo 1990 World Championships VIP Guest Sticker Badge Unused

Harvest Moon Magical Melody DS Preorder Sheep Plush

Revolving Mario Galaxy Standee – Never removed from the shipping box.

Signed Gears of War 3 Collector’s Limited Edition John DiMaggio & Michael Capps

Blizzard Warcraft III Leather and Wool Bomber Jacket

League of Legends Season 2 World Champion Statue & T-Shirt and Bag

Pepsiman PS1 Game – One of the rarest Playstation games out there.

Swingster Atari Silver Jacket

Saint’s Row 4 Flag Promo

NES Controller Coffee Table – The seller has three of these available.

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  • Robin
    Sep 10, 2013

    Just a minor correction: The Devil’s Kiss Vigor was actually released about a month ago on Irrational’s website. Other Vigors (i.e. the Crow bottle) were released much longer ago. That’s why you’re seeing so many of the Devil’s Kiss bottles recently…

  • Robin
    Sep 12, 2013

    It also looks like that seller might have been shill bidding…I guess when you pay $650 for something and it’s only going for half…

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