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Bioshock Infinite Bucking Bronco Screenprint and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I hope you enjoyed your weekend :). Today I have a nice diverse set of auctions including new and old collectibles. I’ve got a Infamous Second Son – Delsin Rowe Figure Preorder Bonus submitted in by Milanista (thanks!). Take a look at the Bioshock Infinite Bucking Bronco Screenprint which is extremely limited! Enjoy the auctions and see you tomorrow.

Video Game Auctions:

– Infamous Second Son – Delsin Rowe Figure Preorder Bonus

– Resident Evil Director’s Cut & Street Fighter Ex Poster Capcom 1997

– Parappa the Rapper – Three Plush figures – with tags

– Bioshock Infinite Deluxe Vigor Pins

– 1989 Nintendo Punch Out Figurine Lil Mac NOS

– CALL OF DUTY IV 4 Modern Warfare SIGNED POSTER Activision Infinity Ward

– Original Vintage 1989 Super Mario 2 glasses New Never Used set of two glasses

– New Nintendo Super Mario – Yoshi Drawstring Carry Bag

– Okami Buddha Board PROMO ITEM, good condition, RARE

– 1997 Nintendo 64 Flying SUPER MARIO Bean Bag Character 6 Plush Doll

– Bioshock Infinite Bucking Bronco Screenprint

– SquareEnix Squaresoft Prints Chrono Trigger Final Fantasy X Kingdom Hearts

– Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Sneaker Box From Early 1990’s

– Racing Motion Simulator

– Vintage 1989 Super Mario Bros Kasen 4 Drinking Cup

– Nintendo Punch Out Jack Pot Fun Hand Held Game 1988 NOS

– League of Legends Season 3 Championship jacket size LARGE

– Call of Duty: Black Ops II Prestige Edition Care Package for Xbox 360


– Elder scrolls online coins with bag and rare scroll

– Lot Set 2 Nintendo Cereal System mug cup Mario Bros Zelda lenticular 3-D NES


– Jim Raynor Starcraft 2 II Noobz Action Figure Blizzcon 2009 Blizzard Collector’s

– Bully Scholarship Edition GameStop Promotional Poster 36 X Good

– Metal Gear Solid 2 – KUBRICK figures – set of 6 – Rare

– Classic Playstation NEON sign – perfect working condition

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  • Brett Martin
    Apr 14, 2014

    I love this site, but lately it has made me sad. I never see any of the auctions in time to bid on them, as they are often posted with less than a day left. Getting the email the next day with the listings is often depressing, as I may have missed a lot of great stuff. Now I check every day, but still manage to miss stuff. Is there a way to try to post auctions in time for people to bid on them? I know this takes a considerable amount of time, but it’s a site for collectors, not ebay auction ending price enthusiasts.

  • Riku
    Apr 15, 2014

    Hey Brett, we received many emails throughout the past 3 months about auctions that we’ve missed and should have shown, or same auctions being posted twice, sometimes three times. I looked at the way I use to search auctions (same with Kenji) and we basically choose this method because we would be able to find all the coolest items in less time. Time is really the culprit here ever since we lost Akira as a publisher and now have spent considerable amount of time to keep the posts daily here. Currently we wouldn’t miss any big items that might have slipped through our fingers. We also wanted to encourage people to check in the site daily with this approach.

    The way we post auctions now is we start at around 7am-9am Eastern time, and only look for auctions ending within the day. This had cut our search time by literally hours, while keeping the quality of the posts. If you check first thing in the morning all the auctions that are there won’t end any time soon. If you check at night, there might be only be a few auctions that are still live. Sorry for the inconvienaince this might cause you Brett, but hopefully you can understand.

  • Kenji
    Apr 15, 2014

    Yup I added auctions in todays posts that are longer then 1 day so I’ll start blending in more of a mix with longer auctions.

  • Brett Martin
    Apr 16, 2014

    Thanks for the quick answer guys! I get it. I just started a YJA Auction Crawler on the site and it’s a ton of work, and I only do posts weekly!

  • Kenji
    Apr 17, 2014

    Sweet a YJA Crawler! Brett, post the link up here and I’ll mention in a post. Yeah it certainly is a lot of work, but personally I love game collectibles and seeing rare auctions from time to time, even with the less then rare auctions I can still appreciate them and share this all with fellow collectors.

    How’s the weekly crawl on YJA? I do it personally maybe 1-2 times a day.

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