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Bioshock Infinite Mind in Revolt Book Signed, Limited Statues and Watches

I wont downplay it for you guys; most of the auctions listed below are very expensive. Even those with the option to make an offer are clearly worthy of a large amount of cash to release the item to your personal collection. I also threw in a cruddy cheap-o auction just to mix things up lol.

Bioshock fans have often shown in the past on eBay that they are willing to pay big for the rare and interesting. Today’s first auction is exactly that…

Bioshock Infinite Mind in Revolt Book Signed – The seller explains that only five of these were signed and given out at five different release parties for BioShock Infinite. On top of that, this one of the five is the only one that was signed by multiple members of the development team and voice actors while the other four were signed only by director Ken Levine. Also note that the package is still sealed.

Meister Ambassador N7 Mass Effect 3 Limited Watch – Limited to 500. This auction is for #316.

Metal Gear Solid Signed Art Books – Several art books signed by both Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa. Not unusual to see both of them sign a single item but unusual to see several signed items being sold together.

Sykrim Limited Dragonborn Statue – Sold out limited statue by Gaming Heads (500 made). The serial on auction isn’t known because the seller doesn’t have it yet. They just bought it with no intention of keeping it whatsoever…

Bioshock Andrew Ryan Statue # 7 out of 200 – A fairly flimsy looking statue that was limited to 200. This auction is for #7

Crash Bandicoot Promo Watch – The seller mentions getting this in the mail through some kind of promo.

HeroClix Street Fighter Complete 27 Character Factory Set – These are product samples rather than the actual released figures.

Super Mario Bros Vintage Plates – In pretty good shape considering the age and use.

Toys R Us N64 VHS – Worth $3? I dunno… I guess so.

Master Chief Original Drawing by Frankie O’Connor – I doubt this will sell at all. Most any collector with this much money would need far more proof of authenticity to go for it. Even then, is it worth this much?

HALO Ghosts of Onyx Book Signed by Author – Signed at SDCC in 2009.

Mario Pot Tower Club DYDO Campaign Prize – Quite a cool set here. The price isn’t terrible.

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