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BioShock Real Audio Diary, Elder Scrolls Online Coins, Shadow of the Colossus Poster

Last month one of the rarest BioShock collectibles sold for $3,200. It was a fully functional audio diary replica that was awarded to a select few participants in a promo campaign for BioShock 2. It is generally accepted that only 4 were made. Well, now another one is up on eBay after the seller was inspired by the previous auction’s winning bid. I would also like to mention that it was one of our readers, Jacob, who let us know about this auction. It may have slipped by us otherwise.

BioShock Real Audio Diary – Knowing the winning bid from the previous audio diary, the seller set a minimum bid of $3,500. It looks like someone’s going for it…

Next up are a bunch of auctions that another reader sent us for everyone to check out. Thanks Scott!

Metroid Prime Promo Sunglasses

Sealed Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Wall Scroll

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Promo Banner

Mega Man X3 Loose Figures (7)

Pokemon Ruby With Manual and Limited Coin

Set of Vintage Tip Books – Genesis

Set of Vintage Tip Books – Gameboy

Here are a few more for today:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Standee

Club Nintendo Tote Bag

PAX East 2013 Elder Scrolls Online Coins (13)

Shadow of the Colossus Fold-out Poster – From a magazine but folds out to 28″ tall.

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