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Bioshock Wine & Midnight Poster,Life Size Spyro Plush, Rare Games and More!

Today’s the day of love. So instead of dinning in a nice restaurant with my significant other I decided I’d rather put you guys first so that you can have your auctions for the night.

*Lol*, relax guys I ain’t that cold hearted! Everything’s already been taken care of, and I hope you all took a few minutes, maybe even hours to put some time aside for your girlfriend/wife. First video game auction I want to shed some light on is the Bioshock 2 Midnight Poster. It’s a real cool collectible for Bioshock fans simply because these were not available for the public other than using it for promotional purposes (displayed for midnight release). Sure some were given away so there are a few lucky owners out there, but in generally these are hard to come by. As the seller already mentions, this particular poster is brand new which means it was never hanged (no tape/staples). It is also an original sheet.

Bioshock 2 Midnight Poster

What I like about these type of Bioshock posters is that they are classy enough to display in your living room (nevermind the game room). There’s a nice artistic, yet simple touch to it. It’s definitely a piece to add to your collection and there’s already two offers on the poster. Act now! **Thanks PJ!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Reckoning Limited Edition Statue – This is a neat auction for a statue thats limited to only 1000. It’s #666 which gives it a nice dark touch! The seller will also throw in an original lithograph signed by Ken Rolston (#560 out of 1000).
Playstation 2 Dev System – You get the PS2 debugging System, controller, tv cable, power cord and PC dev card HDD (DTL-H10010).
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Exclusive Signature Edition – Supposdely only 12 of these were made. Here’s what the seller says: “This auction is for the SUPER LIMITED Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Exclusive Signature Edition!! Due to 38 Studios over selling the pre-orders for the Signature Edition by 12 units they, in and amazing show of support for their customers, created 12 Exclusive Signature Editions to ensure that all pre-orders would be filled!! The first 12 to respond to the following email were locked in to this version! Here’s a portion of the first email announcing this Exclusive Edition:”Earlier this month, we announced the Reckoning Limited Editions, and the response from our fans was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive. The Reckoning Signature Editions were so immensely popular that all 300 sold out in less than five days. In the process, due to an unexpected issue with our store system, we accidentally oversold our stock for the Reckoning Signature Edition by 12 units. It’s extremely important to us that none of our loyal fans—you—miss out on the items you ordered as a result of our mistake, so we want to assure you that will not be the case.”
GIANT SIZE 51″ Store Display Plush Spyro Dragon Doll Video Game Character – Here is something you don’t see everyday. It’s a sort-of life size Spyro plush! Check out the picture of it sitting on the car; it’s HUGE! Seller also updated his auction to show official plush tag!
Unopened Bioshock Promo Arcadia Wine Bottle – I love video game wine bottles. They are very unique and always a cool site. I would have loved to own the Playstation wine bottles that appeared on eBay a few years ago but cross border probelsm would arise. Although it doesn’t contain any alcohol, it’s the look that counts ;). Seller says: “This is an extremely rare promotional item from the Bioshock series. One hundred of these bottles where buried over ten beaches all over the world. I had gotten this one in Vancouver.It is still unopened but there is some wear and tear on the outer bottle. The label does has some damage and scratches on the plastic.Does not contain any alcohol. Inside contains multiple Bioshock posters.”
N64 Nintendo 64 ZELDA Majora’s mask ADVENTURE PACK – This is 982 OF 1000. I believe we featured this on VGA before, but this time there’s not buy-it-now and there starting price of $1,932.66 US has been meet ($1800 AU). Not sure what to think but only time will tell. Nice to put something up on eBay and get $2k for it.
Final Fantasy III – FF3 factory sealed will always be a hot item. Less of these copies are appearing on eBay and I am still looking to buy one at a reasonable price, however my days are numbered. This particular copy doesn’t have any major faults that I can see expect for the “price tag” which for many is a huge turn off.
Neo Geo SNK AES US system INCLUDED with Pink Padded Carrying case – Seller says: “This is a hard to find item from what I understand. I have had this for twenty years and have not used it in as many so I decided to sell all of my system. The case is in excellent shape! No rips, tears or any sign of wear inside and out. The system is with two joysticks, manual and all cables. I just tested it and it works perfectly and I would say is in great shape for the age. Really no scratches to speak of, cracks or any problems what so ever. Only fine cracks that you can see but not feel on the joystick balls which must just be normal for something this age. If you are interested in the system and would like more pictures let me know.”

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition – common, don’t we all want this in our room???
Jack Bros. for Nintendo Virtual Boy
Software development manuals for Playstation 2
Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Limited Collectors Edition
NINTENDO 64DD + 8 Disk games + 4MB Memory + Mouse + Modem

Good luck!

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