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M. Bison Street Fighter Prototype Statue

You gotta love prototypes. They’re always a hot item on eBay and everyone wants a piece it such as this M. Bison Street Fighter Prototype Statue. It’s the real deal since there was only a red and black(exclusive) outfit that was made for the 19 inch beast of a statue. This “White” M.Bison is the only one in existence however there is one at the Pop Culture Shock headquarters which will never see the light of day. The best part about this prototype is that is signed and comes with a COA from Jerry Macaluso, the sculptor and President of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles.

The PCSC has a bunch of Street Fighter statues and the most popular one of them all is this Shin Akuma Statue which is sold out, and the most desirable of the whole SF Line. Only 185 pieces were made. Supposdely when on regular auction this Shin Skuma statue surpasses the 2k mark!

Thanks **Juarez! for the submission!

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