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Black Ops 3 Leaderboard Problems – Hacked?

If you’ve been playing Black Ops 3 on the Xbox One for a while now you’ve probably noticed something rather strange. When you check the career leaderboards through the barracks section the first page seems to be filled with players who either just got the game or have a very few days of playing. The casual gamer can notice this discrepency after scrolling through the first 2 pages. With players now well into Master Prestige 500+, these players have yet to see the first page of the leaderboards. But it seems the problem doesn’t stop there. The leaderboards in general are completely filled with these inconsistencies.

See below the first two pages of the leaderboards in Black Ops 3 for the Xbox One. The first page has no legitimate players. Page 2 only has 4 legitimate players:

Black Ops 3 Leaderboards Hacked 1

Black Ops 3 Leaderboards Hacked 2

Are these hackers? If so, how could so many players hack their way on the leaderboards? We’ve seen similar problems in Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and all the Modern Warfare games. It seems more of an error in scoring rather than hackers as all variables have been effected; Score Per Minute, Overall Score, Days played, and even Prestige rank as one individual has reached the max level (Pretige Master 1000) with only 4 days played.

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  • Johnny
    Jan 14, 2016

    lol, typical of treyarch to mess something up like that. they’ve never had a consistent leaderboard system which is why i stopped buying their games. they are a solid company overall but ppl buy their games to play online now, not for campaign mode

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