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Black Ops Prestige Edition Signed by James C. Burns and More

The first auction I’d like to mention was submitted by our friend Brandon.
It’s from a Call of duty Black Ops Prestige Edition signed by James C. Burns. Basically he’s the voice behind Sgt. Frank Woods in the game. The package is brand new and unopened:

Black Ops Signed

Black Ops Signed

I don’t know why, perhaps I over analyze for no apparent reason but I would be embarrassed taking a picture up close and getting the signer to show the camera what he/she signed. I think it’s because I feel that the signer will think, “Yup, another guy who wants my autograph so he can make some money”. Awkward… but, I guess I am over thinking it. I’m pretty sure these celebs know that these items will be sold again. Great auction nonetheless!

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  • Michael
    Aug 16, 2011

    He doesn’t look very happy in the picture.

  • Kenji
    Aug 16, 2011

    Or it could be the opposite. He’s so excited and happy that he must contain all that happiness inside inorder to stay consistent with his “Black Ops” persona. Imagine he had a big happy grin, wouldn’t be very military/modernware/fare frag/claymore/kick ass/marathon perk.

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