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Booth Babes at E3 and TGS!

Last year I made a fun post on Hot Chicks at Comic Con. Well I thought it was time to do a follow up about Booth Babes! There’s a bunch of videos out there for various E3 and Tokyo Game Show booth babes. There’s got to be a good percentage of gamers who only go to these events to check out the ladies, but as you will see in the following clips they do it for good reason ;). If I’m not mistaken, I know Kenji did a small take on some booth babes at last years E3. Kenji should definitely upload here at VGA :p.

For those who have children in the room, please bring th,,, haha kidding. The vids are alright:

As always, this ones dedicated to Akira… go get em tiger.

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  • Joseph
    Jun 28, 2011

    Akira is quite the ladies man, huh?

  • Riku
    Jun 29, 2011

    He sure does know how to work his magic :p

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