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Borderlands Airsoft Gun Prop

One of the coolest auctions on eBay right now. Dude made a Borderlands Airsoft gun and it totally KICKS ASS! Added two videos from his YouTube channel below but I posted and copied everything from the auction below for easy reading.

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This is a one of a kind custom item, there is not another one like it. I made this as a fun little project about a year ago when Borderlands 2 came out. I had such a fun time with the game that I wanted to bring a gun out of the game and bring it to life. And I did just that. I made (as best I could) a working Borderlands DAHL SMG. I say working because it does actually fire. This does not fire real rounds, I fires little white bbs used for airsofting. What I did was I took an airsoft pistol and found a kit that best matched the look I wanted. Then I took that kit and modified it. I tore it down, cut it apart, reshaped it, painted it, and added a few little things to it to get exactly what I wanted. In the end I came up with what you see above. A fully functioning airsoft pistol in the body of a borderlands style kit. All of what you see has been done by myself and has cost me a great deal of money. I hope you will love it as much as I did. It is time to let go of it though as I am running out of space to store new items I create.

Airsoft Pistol:
Like I said, there is a airsoft pistol in the borderlands style kit. You can remove the pistol at anytime from the kit. Here is all the information you will need to know about the airsoft pistol.
 -WE Glock 19: (G19)
+Reaps Hop Up Bucking
+Future Energy CNC Piston Head
+Angel Custom 152mm Inner Barrel
+2 G19 Mags (non leaky)
+2 G17/18 Mags (1 leaky)
+1 Glock Extended Mag (non leaky)
+Polished internals (easier movement, clean)

Borderlands Style Kit Attachments:
Some of these were made and some where purchased. Description for each Attachment is provided.
+Installed Silencing foam to soften the sound (not used in video)
+Used to cover the longer inner barrel (protect it)
+Can be removed if needed
-Red Dot Sight:
   +4 different reticule options
+7 brightness setting
+built for real steel
-Borderlands Grip:
+Built from scratch by myself
+Gives distinct Borderlands look to the gun



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