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I’ve seen more than a few massive game collections and something I’ve never quite took on as my own in collecting has been boxed consoles. Owning every version of every region release is very impressive when you see it all lined up in a single collection but… I haven’t got there yet. With that in mind, check out the first auction listed here.

Boxed Famicom Console – This one comes to us from of one of our readers, Mark. Thanks!

Lot of 29 Nintendo Power Magazines 1997-1999

Adventure International’s Galactic Empire for the Atari 400 and 800

Boxed Atari Jaguar Console

Atari Lynx II, Bundle with Bag, 6 Games, and Adapter

Atari 1040 ST F – 4 MByte (German)

Compumate Keyboard for Atari VCS and Sears Video Arcade

Atari Trak-Ball Boxed

The Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds SNES Complete – The map pictured is from Terranigma but the seller points out the error and confirms a Parallel Worlds map for the auction.

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  • J
    Jun 28, 2014


    I have also come into this master system prototype and would love to chat with you about it. Send me an email if you don’t mind!


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