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Bubble Bath Babes, Stress Balls, Press Kits and More!

I’ve got an assorted mix of rare collectibles. Is anyone into press kits? I absolutly love the creativity thats attached to each press kit. They always have something unique to offer that you really can’t get anywhere else. But before I proceed let me show you this rare Nintendo game:

Bubble Bath Babes

Bubble Bath Babes by Panesian. I still can’t get over the fact that someone will pay over $600 to see 8-Bit nudity. But then some people might not understand why I spend $600 on video game merchandise. I understand that these were produced in limited quantities because they weren’t official Nintendo games, but it’s all part of collecting right? Also, $600 seems to be an understatement for this game. Seller says:

Here it is !!! One of the most rarest games for the regular NES. I have owned it for over 18 years in a smoke free house. I have only played it 5 times. I comes with the cartridge, game and the small instruction paper it originally came with. It was never released by Nintendo because of the adult pictures in the game. The last one sold on e-bay for 3000.00 . The item # was 330409176306 . I will start mine off with no reserve . This maybe be your last opportunity to own this complete setup.. Most ppl only have the game..All 3 items are here. 100% positive feedbacks.. No games here !!! Free shipping and delivery confirmation

The company who made these games, Panesian, produced other unofficial Nintendo games that fetch a lot of money $$$ on eBay. Panesian collectors say Bubble Bath Babes fetches around $2,995 on ebay. Not sure it’s going to go that high but we’ll see. There’s a day left.

Bubble Bath Babes Panesian Nintendo Game

Blizzcon Exclusive Diablo 3 III Red & Blue Health/Mana Stress Ball

Blizzcon Exclusive Diablo 3 III Red & Blue Health Stress BallBlizzcon Exclusive Diablo 3 III Red & Blue Health Stress Ball

Why not live a stress free life with these exclusive Diablo III stress balls! I thought they were pretty neat and are suppose to resemble the health & mana globes in the game. They were given out at Blizzcon 08.

Diablo III Blue Mana Stress Ball

Diablo III Red Health Stress Ball

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Good Luck!

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  • akira
    Aug 22, 2010

    Those stress balls would do WoW players some good.

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