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Bubble Bobble Bubblun Statue, Tails Promotional Sega Convention Statue and More!

Bubble Bobble for the japanese computer Fujitsu FM TOWNS and FM MARTY console. box insert is a reproduction. plastic box shows wear on the edges but no serious damage, instruction booklet and cd are in average normal conditions, no major tears or scratches. Included is a super rare Bubblun statue, this is a ceramic bank that was given as a limited present at the time of purchase in 1990. It’s the same figure pictured on the box. It is very rare. everything is original except for the insert.

Bubble Bobble w/original Bubblun figure taito ving 1990

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  • Robin
    Jul 13, 2013

    Buyer beware on the Res Evil Jacket. Feedback indicates he is selling fakes.

  • Snake
    Jul 14, 2013

    That Leon Kennedy jacket is 100% fake, not doubt in my mind. See how he doesn’t take any pictures of the jackets tags? Any bad stitching job on the patches. His other jacket might also be fake. Sketchy seller.

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