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I made a post about someone selling their entire Super Mario Memorabilia, and I was getting all hyped up about it. Well…..that ain’t nothing when you’re selling your whole VIDEO GAME STORE!

Video Game Store


Just look at all the goodies in this place! I see a nice Dragon Warrior NES game, a mint SNES console, Mario Repair Sign, World of Nintendo Cabinet…..this is exactly how I use to remember Video Game Stores in the late 80’s and in the 90’s!

I will be the first to say it that independant privatly owned gaming stores are going down-hill. This isn’t the first gaming store to come onto eBay and sell off their business/sell their inventory. Well, perhaps some of you might disagree, but where I live I see these small time business trying every business and advertising strategy just to survive through a whole month. It really is sad….. I just simply believe that companies like EB Games and Game Stop are trying to hold a monopoly over everyone else. Game companies like Nintendo and Playstation are cutting their ties with privately owned business such as this one up for auction. Cutting ties meanings no free promotional/advertising campaigns(posters, billboards, store displays, etc…).

It’s a tough world out there….but someones needs to enjoy this inventory, I mean they even got the freakin rare Fierce Deity Link statue in their counter! Well…good luck to them, and if your interested in taking a look in their description of what they have to offer click below:

Video Game Store for Sale

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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