Accessories Factory Sealed Limited Edition Nintendo (NES) Sega Genesis

Calculator Boy, Cassette Boy and Time Boy

Have you seen a seller before sell a Calculator, Cassette and Time Boy all at the same time? Well seller nemesis8719 has up the three which are all brand new. The condition of them are not in the best shape (yellow plastic), but they are still new which is a nice thought. They are a little pricey, all being $199 starting bid. During the time of their release Game Boy was huge so everything was Game Boy themed. They even had candy that was based off Game Boy and collector cards. I mean how much Game Boy can one person handle? Cool auctions but a little bit on the high end of things.

 Calculator Boy

Cassette Boy

Time Boy

Other Video Game Auctions:

Mega Man Collection – Sellers got every mega man game from nes, snes, and one game gear game. Bid is at $675!
2 Vectrex HOMEBREW GAMES: *VeCaves & Vec Sports Boxing* – “Attention Vectrex fans and homebrew game collectors! We’re selling a couple of brand new, homebrew games produced exclusively for the Vectrex console! They were never sold in stores but simply created for videogame fans years after the system went belly-up!Both are brand new and fully playable on a standard Vectrex console. You’ll receive both games –VeCaves & Vec Sports Boxing, game boxes, manuals and in the case of VeCaves, an overlay! But THAT’S NOT ALL! Flip over the box for VeCaves and you’ll find a BONUS Game: Spike’s Spree! Included with your purchase!!!!”
Pier solar – I really want to get this game but it’s always expensive. Hopefully another one will pop up for much lower.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Not a VGA grade, but nonetheless a hard game to find sealed.
Hot Slots Cartridge NES Nintendo Panesian Game – Always a hard title to find for the nes. I find the panesian games have gone down in price. Demand is slowly slipping away…
Vintage pac man strategy book – yes you read it right, a Pac Man strategy game. Believe it or not there is some hardcore strategy involed with this game. Sellers asking $300!

Good luck!

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