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Call of Duty 2 Signed, Signed Master Chief Concept Art, NWC Trophy

Good morning VGA readers. I’ve got cool posts for you on this Sunday morning. It’s getting colder where I live so that means more time indoors doing searches :). This is the time of year where you’ll see more and more interesting auctions at a great price. Usually it’s between November to January you’ll see great deals so keep that in mind.

Video Game Auctions:

Call of Duty 2 – Xbox 360 Signed Jewel Case – This was won from the official xbox magazine contest in 2005 to a handful of individuals. Not many of these surface on eBay so it’s a good chance to nab it.

Zelda Symphony Exclusive 25th Anniversary Limited Program – There’s a whole bunch of goodies from this lot. The seller says the cd was part of it, but wasn’t it just for the release on the 3ds? 

Call Of Duty: MW3 Autographed Poster – This was signed at the midnight release of Modern Warfare 3 by the developers and artists.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Autographed Sleve – A tad expensive I think. These were selling between $50-$120 a few weeks ago upon release. A nice piece to have coming from a Modern Warfare fan but it’s just too much.

Signed Master Chief Concept Art – This is the concept art of Master chief signed by the artist himself, Marcus Letho who shortly left Bungie after signing this! Only 250 copies of the concept art were made, and they were available for 1 day only. Each print was personally signed by Marcus himself before he left Bungie.

Nintendo World Championships Trophy – This was the finalist trophy from Atlanta for the 11 & under category. I’m surprised is going on regular auction with no reserve. This is a golden chance to own a piece of the historic Nintendo World Championships.

Next set of auctions are from eBay seller “seanbigblue“. He’s got a ton of nintendo related auctions. Most of it is buy it now but with a best offer. He does have a few auctions running loose so you might want to take a look at them.

 Brand new Nintendo Case

 Gameboy Advance SP Tatoo Edition 

 Platoon NES Sealed

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  • david bumen
    Nov 21, 2011

    what happened to the trophy?

  • Kenji
    Nov 21, 2011

    Easy… sellers remorse OR most probably a high offer and the seller possibly being stuck for cash sold it and collected the funds immediately. This can be attributed to drug addiction, mafia debt, gambling issues… who knows really.

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