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Capcom – Model Kits, Figures, and Pins

If I was to decide on a list of favorite game development companies, I’m pretty sure I would put Capcom at the top. Yes, there’s Nintendo and the old-school Squaresoft days, but… Capcom is so consistant with producing great games. It’s the only name that can cause me to buy a game based only on what company made it.

Kotobukiya Rockman (Mega Man) P-1 Rock Model Kit – I expected this model kit to call for higher prices when I read about it before it was released. It’s one of the best looking Mega Man figures I’ve ever seen (once put togther of course).

Ghosts n’ Goblins Model Kit – This kit contains several figures and will bring back memories as soon as you look at the box.

Devil May Cry Six Figure Set by Yamato – Some of the figures in this series of figures are more rare than others. This auction is for six figures which works out to a great price per figure.

Resident Evil Silver Pin Set – Not much info on the origin of these pins, but the frame they are cased in is official and original.

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