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Captain N – DVDs, CGC 9.8 Comics, Jacket & Original Cell

This cartoon sent shock waves through the hallways elementary schools around the world when the first episode aired. Back then, a cartoon based entirely on characters from Nintendo games was the best thing imaginable. Thinking about it now, you can really appreciate the choice of characters… they not only crossed game genres, but game development companies as well! Nintendo, Capcom, and Konami all working together to create one show… simply amazing.

Check out these great items that vary from common to extremely rare…

Complete Series DVD – Every episode in one box! I actually pre-ordered this before it was released on DVD lol… it’s an awesome trip down memory lane.

Complete Series + Super Mario World Combo DVD – This box not only has Captain N, but also the Super Mario World cartoon! The price is actually slightly lower than the box mentioned above, but I can understand why some fans would want the Captain N series to stand on it’s own on the shelf.

Captain N Comic #1 (CGC 9.8) – The first issue of the Captain N comic sealed and rated 9.8 by CGC! This is a great start for anyone who would want to collect the series. This issue is also signed by the artist (Rod Ramos).

Captain N Comic #4 (CGC 9.8) – Here’s issue #4 which is also sealed and rated at the same quality as the one mentioned above! If you’re going to get the whole series, you need to get this one too. You never know when a top quality issue from this obscure series will surface.

Original Animation Cell with Background – This is an original cell from the cartoon… Just think! Every kid who ever watched this show has seen this picture for a fraction of a second. lol… It’s crazy rare and worth every penny.

Captain N Jacket – This is great because the thing that stands out about Captain N the most is this jacket! To have a real version of the jacket would be amazing.

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