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Captain N Original Animation Cells, NES and N64 Prototypes, Breath of Fire Promos

It always amazes me how cheap animation cels from classic cartoons sell for. Sure, there are thousands of them out there for every episode but it still seems like something that would be hard to find. On the other hand, cels with characters with their back turned or limbs missing due to what was needed for such a frame can lower interest and value. The two cels listed below however depict two main characters full frame with suited poses for the characters. Pretty cool! You’ll see what I mean. 😉

South Park Rally N64 Prototype

Star Trek The Next Generation NES Prototype

Final Fantasy XII Lifesize Judge Master Gabranth Helm 257 of 500

Breath of Fire IV Blank Journal

Breath of Fire IV Art Book With Plastic Dust Jacket

Starfox 64 Original Soundtrack with Stickers

Captain N Eggplant Wizard Original Animation Cel

Captain N Mother Brain Original Animation Cel

Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoon Original Drawings

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