Captain N The Game Master Animation Cels

Captain N The Game Master was a cartoon series that aired in 1989-1991. Depending on where you lived it played at different times. In the U.S and Canada it aired on Saturday morning cartoons on NBC. The first two seasons were full of gaming fun. You have characters like Simon Belmont, Mega Man, King Hippo, Mother Brain etc… The show had it’s gaming sense of humor, and watching it now I find it pretty hilarious, but watching it back then I just focused on the game characters. The politics are pretty funny when you read about it. For the third and last seasonNBC was making major changed to their show line up, as well they were cutting back on costs which meant Captain N was losing depth. What I mean is Simon wasn’t wearing anymore “goggles” and Pit (Kid Icarus)¬†wasn’t wearing any sandals. Near the end of the season they took out Simon and Mega Man (to name a few) in order to avoid paying royalty fees to Capcom and Konami.

Despite the short lived series, it still lives in the hearts of gamers who were old enough to remember watching the series. On eBay there are currently Animation Cels from the series for auction. Pretty good ones as well:

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