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Castlevania, Development Units, Final Fantasy and More!

I have a nice line up of interesting collectibles today. Were going to start off with a Limited Edition Chrono Cross Music Box which plays the “Radical Dreamers” theme. Then to follow up with some really cool console zippos, a bit expensive for my taste. Then we’ll finish off with some Castlevania and final Fantasy collectibles.


Wow a Chrono Cross Music Box… now I’ve seen a few these pop up recently but what really got my attention from this auction is that the seller has a SIGNED Yasunori Mitsuda Chrono Cross soundtrack. Yasunori is the creative mind behind the music Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. I doubt you’ll find his autograph again. Chrono Cross Rare Music Box Plus Mitsuda signed OST

These are Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis zippos. Really neat but a little pricey.

Sega Saturn Zippo Lighter

Mega Drive Zippo Lighter

King’s Quest: Quest For the Crown – Amiga – Brand NEW

RARE Nintendo 64DD Development Kit System N64 DD

Sony Net Yaroze DTL-H3000 System & Development Tool Set

Castlevania 2 Simon’s Quest handheld

PS1-Factory Sealed-Black Label-Castlevania Chronicles

CASTLEVANIA 20th Anniversary Promo Portrait Ruin ds NEW

castlevania aria of sorrow IGA Signature paperboard

Super Castlevania 4 SNES Super Nintendo SEALED Game NEW

Castlevania Order of ecclesia NDS JAPAN Notepad RARE!!!

Final Fantasy VII for the PC

Boko Boco Final Fantasy V 5 Chrome Metal Figure Statue

Final Fantasy 7 VII Cloud and Hardy Statue Kotobukiya

2001 Square diamond comic Final fantasy X Plush License

Final Fantasy VII Trial Sample Game 1996 SQUARE

Final Fantasy XI Music Box Squaresoft Complete NEW

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  • Riku
    Aug 23, 2010

    I love those zippos!!

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