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Castlevania Gold Collection Soundtracks, Nintendo Cereal Boxes, Sonic Tie, and more

There are quite a few auctions to look through today so I wont slow you guys down here too much. There’s one auction here that stands out from the rest but I have some bad news…

Castlevania Gold Collection Set A & B – This is a massive set of Castlevania soundtracks which, unfortunately, is an unofficial bootleg set. I was one of the many suckered into the authentic looking cover and disc design that you see in the pictures online but in person it is far less impressive. It’s a big set of sountracks, sure, but being unofficial lowers the value to nearly nothing.

Yoshi’s Island DS Plush Collection – A collection of 8 Yoshi plushes. The first bid puts these at about $20 each. Not too bad.

Street Fighter II Arcade Coin Bank – Another one of these cool mini arcade cabinet coin banks that make sound effects when you put a coin in!

Nintendo Wii Finalist National Championships Track Jacket – This is very interesting. Given only to finalists of the 2010 Wii Summer Games! Big price tag though.

Famicom Disk System Game Doki Doki Panic – Here’s a copy of Doki Doki Panic for the Famicom Disk System which, as many of you know, was the original game which later became the US Super Mario Bros 2.

Crash Bandicoot Crash Bash Jump Rope Promo – Crash Bash was the last Crash Bandicoot game on the PS1 if I’m not mistaken. This jump rope was a promo for this Mario Party-ish game.

Nintendo Cereal Box (Super Mario Bros / The Legend of Zelda) – Now empty and flattened out, this Nintendo cereal box shows the lucky kids of the 80’s images to get them thinking of Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. It’s a perfect start before school to keep you distracted for the whole day!

Nintendo Cereal Box (Super Mario Bros 2 / Zelda II Adventure of Link) – Same as above but the cover is themed to Super Mario 2 and Zelda II.

Atari Nylon Jacket – Atari jackets are awesome but this one has some wear on it. The current bid decent.

Sonic Tie – Here’s a nice flashy tie for any Sega fan. It’s an official Sega item too which is interesting.

Xbox Launch Team Edition – Signed by Bill Gates himself. We have featured this console on VGA before but this seller has changed their mind from selling it for $1500 to making it an open auction with no reserve!

Super Mario RPG Poster – This huge poster seems to be in perfect condition. No close-up shots of it so I could be wrong.

Final Fantasy VII Pepsi Standee – Here’s a bizzare standee with Cloud standing in front of a giant Pepsi can and his sword has been removed from the picture! I guess it would have been too wide with it in there. Some significant wear on the edges.

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