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Castlevania Whip – Official by Konami

Ever wanted to be like Victor Belmont? Well you had the oppertunity back in 2007 since Konami was selling this official Catlevania Whip in their online shop. It sold out pretty fast and the only way to find it was on eBay.

You rarely see these pop up and when you do they sell for $150+. That’s how much the last one sold for and it was well over a year ago, probably two years. Well today seller susana1528 is selling the Castlevania whip on eBay. The price is excellent, but considering that these only cost $29.99 in the online store it’s worth a lot more now. I am not sure if these were limited with a serial number otherwise the seller would have added that in the description, but I remember receiving an email from Konami and them making a big deal about the whip being “exclusive”, so I am guessing there weren’t too many made.

At the price the whip is at, I think it’s low(for the time being). Heck, even at $29.95 back in 2007 it was a steal. Anyways, the whip is 8 feet long, has a small metal plate with the Castlevania logo on it as shown in the picture below. The seller also states that the whip is “dry”, so you’ll need to use a special oil since the whip is made out of leather(what is the oil called again?).

Good Luck!

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