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Centipede Promos, Sweet Tooth Mask, Pac-Man Frisbee, and Zelda Coin

The majority of today’s auctions are for promo items, but I’ve included a few other gems that everyone may want to check out. The Club Nintendo item you will find below is very interesting because it’s not the typical Mario figure, pin, statue, etc. You’ll see what I mean…

Metal Gear Solid 2 Poster – The title on the poster is printed in stylish silver foil. The seller has it framed in the picture, but the frame is not included in the buy.

Tomb Raider Pewter Figure – This sloppy rushed looking blister pack contains a pewter figurine of Lara Croft. Keep in mind that this is a very early item in the Tomb Raider series.

Crash Bandicoot Plush – The Playstation mascot (once upon a time) in plush form! It’s a great addition to any Playstation collection.

Zelda Twillight Princess Coin – This promo was given out at ComicCon 2005. The seller mentions only 5,000 were made. The quality is amazing.

Sweet Tooth Mask – Likely due to the upcoming new entry in the Twisted Metal series, this auction has been getting some attention. The bids are stacking up.

Pac-Man Bed Sheets – Very interesting to see the color on these sheets last so long. Oddly, there’s no buy now price.

Invasion of Nintendo VHS – Ok, yes… the price is beyond crazy. The tape is rare and normally found in poor condition. You can make an offer and hope the seller will realize that they aren’t holding the holy grail of promos lol. If you just want to watch it, you can find it on YouTube.

Pac-Man Flying Disk – A great unused Pac-Man frisbee still in it’s original packaging! The price is good too.

Nintendo Banner – Here’s something to add to most any game room. The banner is four feet long and is in great shape.

Centipede Original Promos – Wow, it’s very rare to see related promos this old being sold together like this. This is an instant buy for many classic arcade gamers.

Pac-Man Plush – This plush is an official Namco item but it’s not from the easy years of Pac-Man. The tag shows it’s from 1991. Also, it looks like it’s been through the washer and dryer a couple times. The price isn’t terrible, but still too high.

Club Nintendo Star Tenbillion – Here is a unique hand held puzzle from Nintendo that turns the idea of a Rubik’s cube inside out. The goal is to get all of the matching colored beads in the same tube. Check it out…

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