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Originally I was just going to list the two character jackets but I did a search for video game jackets and found some neat ones worth mentioning(because of the low prices).

One of the coolest ideas that video game companies do is create accessories and clothing from their games. We’ve seen this with Final Fantasy jewelry coming from Cloud and the Shinra Corporation. But in the auctions that I found, the companies created official replica jackets for Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2 and Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. I’m not sure the exact number of DR jackets made, but E-Capcom(Japan) states that their Resident Evil character clothing is limited to 2000.  Both were exclusively released in Japan, however, Capcom Unity(USA) managed to import some of the DR jackets(but it’s sold out on their website). The two jackets are coming from the same seller with decent prices:

Dead Rising 2 Kadoya Motorcycle Jacket
Resident Evil 4 Leon’s Bomber Jacket

Other Video Game Jackets:
These are not character jackets but they are all at good prices. Not sure if the Atari track jacket is original or remade since we see many retro themed items made in recent years.
Atari Video Game Jacket
Nintendo America Mario Mens Employee Jacket
Nintendo Red Track Jacket
Xbox 360 Promo Jacket

Other Stuff:
Just wanted to mention these before they finished.
Rare set of Xbox 360 Faceplates – E305, Zero Hour, UK Launch Team Rare

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