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Charles Martinet Mario Kart Shirt, Dead Rising 2 Trading Cards and More

I have some rare items to show you today. I’ve seen plenty of Limited Edition Game Boy Pockets on eBay such as the “Extreme Green, Ice Blue, Famitsu, and Pokemon” versions. However, I’ve never seen this one. On the sky blue border it says Pri-Cla Pocket and Atlus. There is not much info about it, and the seller doesn’t mention anything other than how extremely difficult it is to find one in Japan. On the back of the GBP is says made in 1996. I wonder what Pri-Cla is…

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  • Alex Kraus
    Jan 28, 2011

    My hunch is that “Pri-cla” is an unorthodox romanization of “purikura” (a Japanese-made portmanteau of “print club”). Purikura are sticker-making photo booths that are still popular in Japan. Apparently Atlus was one of the first companies to introduce them in the 90s and they were very successful. More:

  • Riku
    Jan 28, 2011

    I’d say you have a pretty good hunch! Thanks Alex for that because it certainly clears things up. Although the article isn’t completely direct, tying it with Atlus’s sticker-making business unit seems very plausible. At least I know what “Pri-Cla” means now 🙂

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