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Cheetahmen II Sealed, Punch Out Arcade, and more!

HEEEYYY VGA readers!! I have some cool auctions today to show. First we’ll start with Cheetahmen II Sealed. We’ve written about it before in depth so if you want to read more about it just type Cheetahmen in our search bar and you’ll get a ton of stuff. It’s basically one of a few desirable NES games simply because it was cut short in production and pulled of the shelf… ya one of those. So they’re pretty valuable. You can read here about a guy who had a chance to buy a massive bulk of these but passed up the offer. Interesting read.

It doesn’t look like the prices will drop so if you really want this place a bid on the Cheetahmen 2 Sealed  while it’s still up on auction. If you just want to see what it’s like youtube the game. I’ve seen it on emmulator and it’s not the reason people want to buy it.

Punch Out the Arcade is more fun then you think. I remember seeing this in the airport near my house. We went to go pick up a relative and I noticed they had an arcade inside so I ran over and saw Punch Out Arcade. I was excited since I loved the NES version and never knew they had an arcade. It played pretty cool.



Unfortunately this is only for pick up but it’s 500 buck for the Punch Out Arcade so if you live in California why not get it and put it in your game room? What’s funny is that this was released in 1984 while the Nintendo version was released in 1987. They even had Piston Hurricane in this one who was one of the characters on the Super Nintendo version. Man Nintendo likes to back track.




 Other cool auctions:

Nintendo R.O.B System with 64 Games All Sealed!! Wow these are all sealed? Pretty impressive.

Mr.Gimmick NES Apparently very rare in Europe??

Nintendo Virtual Boy Brand New! This is awesome, a brand new Virtual boy!
CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Riku
    Nov 03, 2010

    Wow another Cheetahmen II brand new. This one’s in in amazing shape apposed to the last one I featured. Plus the Virtual Boy brand new should get some attention from collectors.

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