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Cheetahmen II Brand New

I thought I’d post this up before I left for work. Akira of VGA wrote a nice post about Cheetmen II which can be found here, so I won’t repeat anything. At first I was figuring that the game on it’s own is a very rare, but SEALED on top of it, seller could have added a couple of more pictures. However, after reading his description, “The box is slightly smashed in the corner“, now I know the reason :).

Cheetahmen II Factory Sealed

Yeah, awkward picture but that’s taken straight from the auction. It’s really crazy that NES collectors will do anything to add a missing game, or sealed game to their video game library. Just check out the price of this bad boy:

Cheetahmen II for NES

This auction finishes in a day and around 21 hours. If you happen to be reading this post and see that the auctions almost done, I highly recommend to stick around and watch the ending 🙂

Btw, check out one of the question/response at the bottom of the auction:

Q: just 2 verify…never opened?positively?y no format description?

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