Featured Japan Import Limited Edition Resident Evil Watch 2

Chris Redfield’s GSX Watch

This just got listed. It’s the Resident Evil GSX watch for Chris Redfield. I remember the same seller had the Jill Valentine watch but I don’t know if he sold it or not.

There was another Chris Redfield watch on eBay a couple of months ago which sold a lot lower than the current auction price. I don’t know too many gamers who have the funds to purchase a 3k watch. I won’t go into much detail as the seller says everything in the auctions description. The seller says:

Selling is an ultra rare Resident Evil / Biohazard Japanese Chris Redfield watch. The which is limited to 999 and is from the very rare GSX S.T.A.R.S. watches that were made exclusively by GSX in Japan back in 2001/2002. They were made with the authorization and collaboration of Capcom. This particular watch – the “GXS029 S.T.A.R.S. FLIEGER CHRONOGRAPH Chris Redfield Model” – is #341 of only 999 made, and is the rarest model of all the GSX watches made for the game. This limited edition number is featured on a sticker on the side of the outer case, and is also engraved into the back of the watch itself. These were instantly sold out and I have not seen any of these original-release GSX watches on eBay. This is a replica of the watch that Chris Redfield wears in the fantastic Resident Evil “REmake” video game that was re-made and re-imagined especially for the Nintendo Gamecube . The presentation for the watch is beautiful. The watch itself is housed inside a hard, black hinged case with a smart silver metal plaque on the lid that says “Biohazard” and a metal clasp at the front. When you open the inner case, you see a shiny metal plaque in the center, and written on it is “Biohazard 5th Anniversary”. This plaque is secured to the hard Grey presentation foam that lovingly showcases the watch and the original price tag on a leather strip embossed with the word “Biohazard”, which still displays the recommended retail price of 62,000 Yen. The black display case fits inside an outer cardboard display case (blue). You also get a smart black GSX cleaning cloth with the watch. The instruction manual is also included, which is written in both English and Japanese. I have never worn this watch. There are some minor scuffs on the back edges of the outer cardboard display box, and a slight scratch mark to the front. I will also be including a small A4-sized Japanese poster from GSX that displays the other official S.T.A.R.S. watches that were released in this collection. Also included in this auction is the guarantee GSX exclusive club card! If you have doubts about this model, look at the pictures I have of Chris Redfield from the game. He is wearing the same watch that is being sold.

Chris Redfield’s GSX Watch Auction

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  • kenji
    Mar 23, 2011

    Wow nice find Riku. Pricey but nice!

  • Riku
    Mar 23, 2011

    Thanks Kenji. It is pricey and even with a best-offer I don’t know how low he’d go.

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