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Christmas – The best time to buy collectibles

During the year there are many great deals on eBay. I’ve seen sellers put “BIN” options on collectibles that deserve a higher price, and I’ve seen items literally robbed on auction… but nothing compares to auctions in December. Let me further explain.

Christmas time is a time of shopping, buying gifts for loved ones and friends. I see it time and time again, sellers listing items on eBay at the worst times. I’ve mentioned this in several post before. As a seller this is the worst time to list a valuable item you have on auction. Most people are spending money on Christmas and are limited to buying items for themselves. This has happened to me on several occasions. A great deal pops up and I am unable to bid on it since I have a budget for Christmas. Then I see it end for peanuts. So to any seller out there reading this wait to list your items. I know it’s inevitable because you either need money or want to get rid of the item. In that case do what you have to do but expect not to make as much as you would if you’d list it in any other month.

As this month is a burden to sellers, it’s an opportunity for buyers. Now that I know December is a great month for buying collectibles I purposely save money before to have on hand for any auctions or deals that surface. I know I will have low competition and that I’ll usually be getting the auction at a low price. Nothing beats December auctions for buyers.

So having this knowledge arms you to make incredible gains to your collection, or saves yourself from losing collectibles for peanuts.  Happy bidding everyone!

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  • Riku
    Dec 16, 2010

    I concur! I bought many of my collectibles in December because of the low prices! Some of you may disagree out there, but common now, who in your family will you buy a limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog statue? Unless you have a twin who happens to collect the same stuff you do but what are the chances.

  • Joseph
    Dec 16, 2010

    I agree it’s a bad time to sell high value collectibles. Bet it’s the best time to sell low value items that are good for gifts. Like video games (Black Ops is really hot on Ebay right now, among others) Lego’s (I’ve seen the prices go up around this time)

  • Kenji
    Dec 16, 2010

    Some in-demand stuff like “Legos” around christmas time will definately go up. That’s the same thing with “wii” a few yrs ago, was crazy around Christmas time. But sealed games, merchandise, statues, collectibles… all that stuff will definately not go high. There’s always exceptions to the rules never the less.

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