Chrono Cross Kotobukiya Statue, Fatal Fury Hat, Mighty No. 9 Xel Plush Package and More! #megaman #chronocross #game #fatalfury #plush #nintendo #supermario #doom


Pretty cool Mighty No. 9 plushie! It’s too bad the game didn’t pan out the way we all hoped for. So much build up, so much interest and yet they fall through in the end. The game wasn’t a total bust, however, for the amount of time invested in the game you’d figure Keigi Inafune would have put out something that rivaled the Mega Man games. Instead he stopped putting effort halfway through the project to focus on another game. Ah well. Description from auction:

“On offer is a rare Kickstarter-exclusive Mighty No. 9 Xel plush. This was an exclusive preorder bonus for those who preordered Mighty No 9 through the Kickstarter at the $500 level The plush is still sealed in its original bag and has never been taken out.”

Click here for Mighty No. 9 Xel Plush Package

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Good luck!

#megaman #chronocross #fatalfury #plush #nintendo #supermario #doom #videogame #game #gamecollect

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