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Chrono Cross Lynx Figure, Sonic 2 Pin, Coleco Donkey Kong Jr Tabletop Game

Today’s auctions are mostly affordable little buys but the first one has quite a price tag on it. Fortunately the seller left the option to make an offer. Good luck people!

Chrono Cross Lynx Figure – A nice figure release from Kotobukiya. No photos of the figure on auction but the seller mentions there’s some damage to the box.

Capcom Tokyo Game Show 2002 DVD – This DVD contains promos for Biohazard (Gamecube) and Biohazard Zero.

Atari Catalogs – The condition is pretty rough but it’s an ok pick up for less than $10.

“Big Boss Wants You” MGS T-Shirt – Given out to attendees of the Game Developers Conference 2012.

Tron Standee – Impressive good condition.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Pin – Dated 1992 on the back.

Street Fighter II Keychain – At first glance this looks like a vintage item from the original SFII release but it’s dated 2007. Still very nice and first bid is $0.99

Mini Donkey Kong Plush – There are a few of these on eBay right now but this one has the lowest starting bid.

Pac-Man Glass Pitcher – Some slight scuffs and scratches can be seen if you look closely.

Coleco Donkey Kong Jr Tabletop – The manual is included but the box is missing. Looks like a little bid war has started too.

Squaresoft Collectors CD Demo Disc – First bid is $0.99

Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master Sealed Box – This auction is for a sealed box set for the card game and it’s selling to the highest bidder.

Final Fantasy X Post Card Book – Contains 30 post cards.

Final Fantasy VIII Post Card Book – Similar to the above but I’m not sure how many are in this one.

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