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Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Collectibles

Good morning VGA readers. It’s extremely cold where I live which means more eBay searching. While doing my regular eBay searching I came across some Chrono Trigger prism cards which don’t pop up on eBay very often. I decided to see the seller’s other items and found a bunch of cool stuff. I’ve recently listed his chrome auctions a week and a half ago. So what I will do is post the link and follow it up with a description. Let’s begin shall we:

  • Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale Original OST – The cover art is really cool, done by Amano. At first glance I thought it was just a free-style drawing, but on second glance it’s the Opera Scene and I guess you can leave the rest to your imagination. The soundtrack is done by a Symphony Orchestra and the sounds are impressive. It’s an original Squaresoft CD and it’s sealed. Hard to find one sealed.
  • Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections OST – This cd, like above, is original by Squaresoft and sealed. I enjoyed the piano collections a little more then the Grand Finale simply because of the songs choosen.
  • Final Fantasy Chrom Figure Certificate – These certificates come with the Final Fantasy Chrome figures. It’s nice to have one extra, but for the price I’m willing to pass.
  • Final Fantasy VI V-Jump Video – A V-Jump promo video, V-Jump is a magazine in Japan. Video shows behind the scenes of Final Fantasy VI.
  • Final Fantasy VI Magic Pot Chrome – These are ridiculously small, but so cool to have. It’s on auction so go for it.

The next set of auctions are for one of my favorite video game titles of all time, Chrono Trigger, so I know these items very well and how some of these are almost impossible to find here in North America and on Yahoo Japan as well.

Take it from me, these items aren’t easy to come by and you might never see them on eBay again, especially the Chrono Trigger posters. The prices are fair because if you were to look for any of these on Yahoo Japan they might be more or less in price but might not pop up for a year or two so it saves time in collecting.

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