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Classic Arcade Games at $500 or less!

When buying a full size arcade cabinet on eBay, the one major problem is the shipping. You may find your favorite arcade game for $2000 and still have to slap on another $300 to have it shipped to you. The best way to buy a machine of this size on eBay is to find one that is both cheap and in good condition. This is not easy because there can be many hidden problems if you don’t read carefully. Some are missing parts while others are simply decomposing due to improper storage. I’ve managed to track down a few great buys that you should consider if you’re planning on collecting classic arcade games. Also, don’t be stumped by auctions listed as “local pick-up only” for shipping. If you contact a freight forwarding carrier local to the seller, they can pick it up for you have have it shipped out.

These are all original dedicated cabinets (meaning not multi-game boards). All of them work and are in nice condition!




(Bids starting at $350)

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