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Classic Gaming Expo Poster Signed by Al Alcorn, David Crane and More

Here’s a poster for the ages.

This Classic Gaming Expo Poster is signed by a line-up of big time celebs in the retro gaming world such as Al Alcorn(pioneer in coin op arcade games) and David Crane(co-founder of Activision). I’ve featured this seller in my last post, and was surprised that I left out this one-of-a-kind poster. You’ll definitely not find something like this again, especially with the signatures on this from:

-Al Alcorn
-Dave Warhol
-David Crane
-Garry Kitchen
-Glyn Anderson
-Joe Santulli
-John Hardie
-John P. Sohl
-Keith Robinson
-Keithen Hayenga
-Robert Polaro
-Sean Kelly
-Steve Cartwright
-Steve Woita
-Steve Wright
-Todd Rogers
-Walter Day
-Chad schell

Look they even have Walter Day in there. The seller says that while he was at CGE 2007, he saw this poster on the wall, so he ended up taking it and going around to get signatures with it(smart guy!). At the end of the day he accumulated 18 signatures.

Twin Galaxies is known for making limited edition posters(mostly out of 25) for events, and this one is #24 out of 25. At this point I couldn’t care what number it is! The price is currently at $49.95 with no bidders. Definitely a jewel to add to your classic gaming collection.

Classic Gaming Expo Poster Signed Here

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