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Clock Tower – Sealed Games & Guide Books

Clock Tower is a horror series that has a cult following. Even though the original game on Super Famicom never made it out west, the following games on Playstation and PS2 were well received by the few that played them. I’ve honestly only seriously played the first Clock Tower on Playsation, but it was so scary that I couldn’t continue. I rented the game expected something fast and full of bloody action. What I found instead was intensely chilling atmosphere with pulse pounding moments of horror. It’s really worth checking out especially if you’re a fan of Japanese horror movies.

Clock Tower (Super Famicom) Complete with Box – Here’s the original Japanese release. I played it for bit just to see how similar it was to the Playstation game. It’s quite good from what I’ve seen. It’s way ahead of it’s time in terms of scare value and violence. This game is serious business.
Clock Tower: Ghost Head (PS1 JP) Sealed – Another title in the series from Japan. The demon mask on the cover suggests some kind of plot twist that reaches back to Japanese history. I can’t say for sure as I haven’t played it yet. This copy is still factory sealed.
Clock Tower (PS1) Sealed – Here’s the game that I rented and played. It’s on my list to add to my game library (yes, I have an actual list lol). It’s the kind of game you need to play at night… even better if it’s raining outside. This copy is sealed.
Clock Tower II (PS1) Sealed – The PS1 sequel. If this game is even half as crazy as the first, it’s still something to play. This is another sealed copy.
Clock Tower 3 (PS2 JP) Sealed – With the series extending into PS2 territory, Clock Tower 3 game showed off some impressive visuals. The typical threat in a Clock Tower game is someone with giant scissors coming after you. This one however features a leather-face like brute with a sledge hammer.
There are also more than a few guide books available on eBay for the completist collector:

There’s one more thing I would like to add. The fan-base of the Clock Tower series doesn’t just sit and wait for games to be made… Mansyon Soft is making a fan-made remake of the original Super Famicom game. They have a MySpace page which can be found here.

Now, turn out the lights… turn up the volume… here’s a trailer for Remothered; the Clock Tower remake…

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  • Kenji
    Oct 21, 2010

    That looks super interesting… I might just buy it for the ps1 and also I checked the site but I didn’t notice which console it’s going to be released for?

  • akira
    Oct 21, 2010

    It being a fan made game; I’m thinking PC only. But, you never know. If people like it and it’s talked about, Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo might pick it up. Not too sure about copyright issues though.

  • Kenji
    Oct 21, 2010

    Oh I HIGHLY doubt sony, microsoft or nintendo will pick it up. It’s like the Chrono Trigger millenium fan made game, remember the one I sent you? As soon as squaresoft found out they were making it they sent the guys a cease and desist letter to hault all operations.

    Either way the game looks very interesting partly due to the old fashion graphics which I extremely like. I will check it out and see when it’s available for download but I’ll also try and get the ps1 version because it adds that playstation vintage feel to it…. good find.

  • akira
    Oct 21, 2010

    Kenji’s probably right folks… keep it quiet, download when it’s released, then keep it safe 😉

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