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Cloud vs Sephiroth Cold Cast, Final Fantasy and more

Wow what a find! this seller will be listing his “prized” Final Fantasy collectibles. In the upcoming weeks so keep your watch list clear. We will begin with arguably his most prized collectible:

This is part of the Final Fantasy cold cast line, considered one of the rarest Final Fantasy Statues to get with only 1000 ever produced. I own one of these and let me say it’s extremely fragile. Every piece is delicate and you literally need to pay attention to every move of your body, you need to create space in the room just to open it and make sure there is nothing near by to fall on it. It’s quite an amazing piece. Final Fantasy VII Cloud vs Sephiroth Cold Cast.

    The seller’s other items:

Final Fantasy VII Official Varsity Jacket 1 of 50 made

Final Fantasy VII Pepsi Promotional Display *VERY RARE*

Squaresoft Final Fantasy The Bouncer Countertop Display

Star Fox Adventures Promotional Survival Kit

Soul Calibur II Promotional Lithograph art poster

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  • Riku
    Jul 27, 2010

    Nice find! I have yet to finish that damn game! Arggh!

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