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Club Nintendo Controllers

Club Nintendo offers many cool things exclusively to it’s members. Among this long and interesting list are unique designs for game controllers. There’s a sense of gamer pride in using a controller that was never sold in stores but still officially licenced by Nintendo. Check them out…

Wario Gamecube Controller – Wario happens to be my favorite character when it comes to the Mario Party series. I seriously plan on getting this controller in the near future (if not this one).

Luigi Gamecube Controller – Luigi may be one of the biggest losers in video game history… but, at least he has some style about it. lol

Mario & Luigi Gamecube Controller Bundle – This auction has both the Mario and Luigi controllers together. The price is close to buying them separately, but placing a bid here would work out to being a little bit cheaper.

Mario Gamecube Controller – The controller based on the man himself… Mario.

Gold Wii Steering Wheel – There are steps you can take playing Mario Kart Wii online to get a gold wheel next to your name (I think you just have to play for a long time), but here’s the actual gold wheel available to Club Nintendo members!

Super Famicom Controller for the Wii – This is as close as you can get to the true Super Famicom / Super Nintendo experience without actually plugging in the original console. Very cool in my opinion.

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