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Club Nintendo – Limited Platinum Member Items

Club Nintendo exists in several different forms around the world and each serve as a place for Nintendo fans to get news and buy cool stuff. The coolest thing about being a member however is earning points (known as “coins” in North America). If you earn 300, you are granted Gold member status. If you earn 600 however… you become a Platinum member. Platinum status gives you the chance to get limited once-a-year games or collectibles. Last year for example, Platinum members could download a unique version of Punch Out on the Wii which allows you to fight Doc! Platinum member items vary by region and, I have to say, Japan has the best stuff.

There are currently two Club Nintendo (Japan) limited Platinum member items up on eBay that are really amazing…

Gold Mario Statue – A limited statue of video game’s best known character. This is a must-have for any Nintendo collector. The statue can be found here on eBay.

Super Famicom Controller for the Wii – This is seriously cool. People who have downloaded SNES games onto their Wii systems and use the common “classic” control may be happy with the design of the control since it’s close to a real SNES control. However, I’m sure many around the world still wish the control was exactly the same as a real SNES control… Well, stop wishing and start spending lol… This Super Famicom controller for the Wii is region-free which means anyone in the world can use it on their Wii systems! Check it out here on eBay.

For those who may be interested in becoming a Club Nintendo member, check out the Club Nintendo website. For those who are wondering how people earn points or coins, here are the ways members earn them:

  • Registering a Nintendo DSi serial number, completing the associated survey, and linking your Nintendo DSi Shop to your Club Nintendo account (wireless broadband connection required) = 160 Coins. Click here for more information.
  • Registering a Nintendo DSi XL PIN and completing the associated survey.
  • Registering a Wii or Nintendo DS game and completing a quick survey.
    • Wii games = 50 Coins
    • Nintendo DS games = 30 Coins
    • Wii Shop Channel games and Wii Channels = 10 Coins
  • Indicating your intent to buy a game. You’ll earn 10 extra Coins after you buy it, register it and complete the survey.
  • Registering a Nintendo game and completing a quick survey within 4 weeks of its launch. You’ll earn an additional 10 Coins!
  • Completing a Post Play survey that will be available 7 days after the date the game is registered. For Wii and Nintendo DS games, the Post Play survey will not be available until the Product Registration survey is completed. You’ll earn an additional 10 Coins!

The more games you register and surveys you complete, the more Coins you earn! Please note that not all games can be registered and not all registered games will qualify for a survey. View the “Product Registration” section for more information.

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