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Club Nintendo RPG Coin Set, Mega Man Anime Series Promo-Only Soundtrack and Auctions with No Reserve

Some nice no-reserve auctions today taking bids; all with at least 1 day left for you guys to decide what your maximum may be. Before that however there are a bunch more to take a look at. The coin set from Club Nintendo is a classy set highlighting three of the best RPGs released on the Wii in 2012.

Club Nintendo RPG Commemorative Coin Set – Three coins set in a felt covered box. Each coin represents a RPG on the Wii: The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Pandora’s Tower.

Mega Man Anime Series Promo-Only Soundtrack – Not an ordinary soundtrack; gold print on the cover insert shows this to be a promotional use only not for resale copy.

Rockman 1 PS1 Game Book – Disc included and in nice shape.

Pac-Man Stained Glass Display – Not actual glass or course. Loops on the top for hanging in front of a window or light.

Dragon Quest Mutsumi Inomata Illustrations Book

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 Promo T-Shirt Sealed – Sealed in the shape of a gun. There is an opening in the plastic on the back though.

Super Mario Bros. Famicom Banpresto Towel in Box

No Reserve Auctions:

Sim City SNES Sealed – I’m having a hard time finding the slightest bit of damage here.

Guardian Atari 2600 Boxed – Rare 2600 game and the original box is included.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Hanging Banner

Kingdom Hearts II Sealed

N64 Bag and Accessories Bundle – The bag in this auction is the most interesting item in the bundle and it’s starting at $0.99

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