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Comic Con 2010 – New Video Game Collectibles

Many of you may know that this year’s Comic-Con has begun and new figures, limited collectibles and signatures are being released to the world. Minute by minute, eBay is being flooded by items being sold by people on site. Even though it has only begun, there is plenty to be found. There will be more to come in the following few days and we at VGA will be keeping an eye out for the gold.

Gears of War Figure (Jace Stratton) – A new release from the talented people at Neca! This figure was just released and cannot be bought outside of Comic Con (except on eBay of course lol).

Halo Reach Limited Poster – This poster is limited is being distributed right now at Comic Con. The convention year is printed on the poster to declare it’s scarcity.

Halo Reach Figure (Nobel 7) – There have been many Halo figures over the years, but the hardcore fans must have them all. This begins the Halo Reach line of figures… it’s up for grabs on eBay.

Batman Arkham Asylum Figure (Batman) – Arkham Asylum is considered by many to be the best Batman video game ever made. I’ve yet to play it myself, but I look forward to the experience. This figure shows the same quality as the game’s reputation.

Dragon Quest IX T-Shirt – The newest Dragon Quest game was recently released on the DS in North America, but in Japan… the game has already become a huge phenomenon. Many now consider it to be the best RPG on the DS. This t-shirt was made for those who agree…

Dragon Quest IX Promo Book – Another Dragon Quest IX item which I’m betting will be more rare in the long run than the t-shirt.
Tron BearBrick Figure – Tron in the buzz at Comic Con this year. With the new movie, new game, and basically new interest in general, the collectibles are being released. This BrickBear figure is an odd one, but awesome none the less.
Tron Arcade Cabinet Figure – The ultimate Tron figure maybe? This posed figure stand gloriously packaged in a mini arcade cabinet. It is truly a thing of beauty.
Dead Rising 2 Press Kit – Capcom’s newest “stab” at a zombie game is being shown at the Capcom booth. This press kit cannot be found anywhere else…
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