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Complete N64 Collection with Boxes & Manuals, Solomon’s Key NES Prototype, ColecoVision Brand New and More!

Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadian readers, and if you’re not Canadian don’t worry, we are celebrating this day off for you too ;).

We got some great auctions today including a brand new Colecovision console which is currently at $293. the box is opened so it’s not exactly brand new (although the seller says it is), but can now be classified as “mint” never used. I wonder if the current price is the market value, or will there be some last second bids to boost the price? Who knows, but the most impressive auction is the Complete N64 Collection with boxes and manuals! I was never in love with the N64 console, I mean don’t get me wrong I love Nintendo and N64 was a great system. But on my bucket list is getting a complete SNES collection which is incredibly rare and hard to achieve. But, now that I think of it $3000 for this whole N64 collection IS NOT BAD! Shipping would kill me since the seller is in the US and I am in Canada, but this is a great chance to get the complete N64 collection (minus one game the seller mentioned he doesn’t have). Tempting tempting tempting….

Click here for Complete N64 Collection with Boxes & Manuals

Other Video Game Auctions:
Complete Nintendo 64 games All 296 North American and some more and boxes manual – Here is another complete N64 collection decently priced except that it comes with “some” boxes and manuals. If you are not picky then jump on this baby!
Epic XBOX 360 Game Collection – Continuing with the “game collection”, this Xbox 360 collection isn’t complete (in the sense of having every game up till now), but it’s still massive and I wonder how many games he’s off. DEFINITELY worth the price IMO.
Nintendo NES personal collection of 399 games lot rare Zelda Mario Castlevania – You can find lots with more games/lower price, but this isn’t a bad lot.
394 Nes Games 2 Consoles CIB le’empereur scat contra megaman rare 3 & 5 screw – same as above minus $900 :).
Yoshi’s Story International Version – Although the seller screwed up with the pictures, he does have the Yoshi’s Story Internationl picture up. Email him to make sure that this is what he’s selling.
R-Type III The Third Lightning (Super Nintendo 1994) R Type 3 SNES game NEW NIP – hard to find complete and even sealed. Not sure about the price
Super Mario World VGA 80 Brand New and Factory Sealed Super Nintendo SNES – what a beaut, a VGA graded Super Mario World. Too bad the grade is low (for my liking).
Solomon’s Key NES Prototype – This was a fun puzzle game back for the NES. Had lots of fun playing it. Now, would I buy the prototype? Hmmmm…..
Lucienne’s Quest (3DO, 1996) with longbox, case, and instruction manual – Rare 3D0 game to find especially complete.
Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Vga 85 Sealed New – Seller says: “This auction is for a VGA graded 85 highest silver rating for a sealed limited edition of halo 4! Shipping will be calculated and will be well packed to avoid any damage. Any questions please ask. Good luck and happy bidding!!”
Custom Honda Civic Si Challenge Xbox 360 250GB System w/ Kinect -Special Edition – heh
Nintendo Virtual Boy, charger, games – BOXES, MANUALS and more bundled – Very nice bundle and EXCELLENT priced. Especially for the condition. Mind you, the days are over where you can find this particular unit at a “fleamarket” for $25 😆
VINTAGE BRAND NEW COLECOVISION NEVER USED W/ DONKEY KONG VIDEO GAME – again, this is “opened” so it should be titled “mint but never used”.
Super Mario Bros. 3 Treasure Chest Official Contest Nintendo NES Prize Grail PS – neat item. Not sure if it’s official or not since I’ve never seen this before.
Sonic the Hedgehog Animation Merchandising 1994 Style Guide Sega Rare Holy Grail – Seller says: “Sonic the Hedgehog Animation Merchandising 1994 Style Guide Sega Rare Holy Grail of Sonic items. I have never seen one of these buttons for sale ever.”
Fallout 3 Promotional Simtek 1000 Viewmaster – A viewmaster containing promotinal pics from the game in a plastic tube
Super Mario World UFO Plush Nintendo 1991 SNES Bowser Luigi Koopa Bill NES – always wanted this set. Too expensive for my bold :(.
2009 XBOX 360 HALO Legends Movie Poster Signed Autographed Comic Con Game New 4 – not sure the demand + value for this poster
2009 XBOX 360 HALO Legends Movie Poster Signed Autographed Comic Con Game New 4 – same as above

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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