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Complete Sets – Trading Cards, Comics, Figures, Patches, and Cell Straps + More

Today my auction listing was aimed towards complete sets of collectibles. The kind of items you may pick up from time to time because of how awesome the game is and you eventually get the itch to find the rest you’re missing. The auctions below could absolutely be used for that if you don’t mind selling off or trading away the doubles you have in the end. The flip side to these buys is of course the instant collections. One buy, one grab, and you have them all. The sealed box of Resident Evil cards at the end doesn’t really qualify but it’s a good step in that direction.

Good luck to the buyers. 😉

Policenauts Trading Cards – Complete Set

Snatcher Trading Cards – Complete Set

Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty Comics – Complete Set

Nintendo World NYC Figure Set of 5

Dragon Quest Slime All Accessories Set of 5

Halo 4 Patch Set – Limited 125

NES Puffy Stickers Set of 6 Packs Sealed – No Duplicates

Soul Calibur Trading Cards – Complete Set

Namco Girls Series 1 Complete Set

Namco Girls Series 2 Complete Set

Namco Girls Series 3 Complete Set

Namco Girls Series 4 Complete Set

Resident Evil Chromium Trading Cards Sealed Box

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