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Computer Space Arcade Machine, Boxed Game & Watch Games, Atari Pins, and more

The first auction listed here today is a rare piece of video game history. Back in 1971 Computer Space, the very first commercial arcade machine, was released by Nutting Associates thanks to the dedicated work of Nolan Bushnell (later to become founder of Atari). This is quite a buy but it’s worth it to those building a serious vintage gaming collection.

Computer Space Arcade – The yellow version taking offers but there’s some custom black paint on it. It’s not a bad paint job at all but I’m sure most collectors would rather that never happened. The machine starts up and sound works but the video is unstable. Sounds repairable to me. Check out the auction description for the full story behind the game!

The Legend of Zelda Link’s History Since 1986 Poster Framed – Very nice frame putting this awesome poster under glass.

Vintage Atari Thermos – Not sure if this originally came with a lunch box but it’s likely. There are a lot of Aladdin lunch box thermos combos out there.

Ms. Pac-Man Lady Luck Plush – Ya, pretty creepy in my opinion.

Atari Pin – Reminds me of the early home computer battles between Atari and Commodore. Not sure of the story behind it.

Atari Lynx Pin – Random promo which may be difficult to find if you were directly looking for it.

Super Mario Plush Collection – 22 in all in this plush collection.

Nintendo Light Sign – Fantastic light sign here. I doubt each point is lit individually but if they are; very nice to see it working perfectly.

Donkey Kong Jr Table Top Game & Watch with Box and Manual – Some adhesive damage on the box but everything else looks pretty clean.

Donkey Kong Game & Watch Near Mint – Wow, rarely do you see a boxed Game & Watch in nearly perfect condition.

Donkey Kong Watch – Hard to find Donkey Kong watch complete with the box.

Marios Bombs Away Game & Watch with Box and Manual – Here’s a panorama screen Game & Watch complete with the box and manual but the box condition is a bit rough.

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  • Riku
    Feb 14, 2013

    I can say I’m a proud owner of my own “Lady Luck” Ms. Pac-Man plush :). One of the best plushes in my collection lol.

  • Thessalya
    Feb 15, 2013

    The Nintendo Fibre Sign is an annoying auction. It started with 899$ months ago and the seller, despite his inpolite insulting messages, refused high offers (mine was 600$) and wrote of offers “up to 900$ which he denied”.
    Now it dropped to 499$ and i don’t even want to have it anymore 😛

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