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Consoles from Japan!

You may be surprised at how many different versions of the same console can be found in Japan. These kinds of re-release consoles and third party made consoles aren’t seen in North America because they would be too much of a risk in low sales. I guess Japan is just video game crazy lol. Below you will see original consoles, combo consoles, and third party consoles. Some are complete with the original box and others come with a few games.
Twin Famicom Disk Console (Sharp) – This console from Sharp is a fully functional Famicom console with a built in Disk system! The controllers also feature an auto-fire switch for each button.
Wonder Mega M2 Console (Victor) – This is another combo console. Victor decided to make this Mega Drive (Genesis) CD combo system with two interesting items included. The controller it comes with is wireless for one thing, and the CD included contains four great games: Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Columns, and Shinobi. This auction includes the original box and packaging.
PC Engine Duo-R Super CD-ROM Console (NEC) – Another combo console, but this one is made by the original brand; NEC. This Super Grafx (Turbo Grafx 16) CD-ROM combo can play both the standard cards and CD-ROM games. This auction comes with two controllers, but no original box. (Note: there appears to be some damage on the hinge of the shutter for the card slot.)
PC Engine Super Grafx Console (NEC) – Here’s the original version of the PC Engine Super Grafx console. This auction comes with four games (R-Type, Kyukyuko Tiger, Splatterhouse, and Taito Chase HQ) but it does not include the original box for the console nor the games. 
Q SL-GC10 (Panasonic) – This is a Gamecube console from Panasonic. The most notable feature is that it can play both Gamecube games and DVD movies! It also features some audio enhancing settings. Once again, no original box included.
REAL 3DO FZ-1 Console (Panasonic) – Many will recognize this version of the 3DO. This beast of a machine comes with five games: Misa Yamamura Suspense Kyoto Kurama Sanso Satsujin Jiken, Takeru, Super Street Fighter II, Policenauts, and Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race. The games come with original boxes and manuals, but the console does not. The seller also includes a very cool looking second controller that makes me wonder how it would feel to play using it…
Family Computer (Nintendo) – The “Family Computer” otherwise known as the Nintendo Famicom can be found here complete with original box. It’s also in unreal perfect shape! I cringe at the thought of this beauty being damaged in the slightest way during shipping.
Nintendo 64 Gold Edition (Nintendo) – This gold edition of the Nintendo 64 from Japan is very sought after by collectors. It’s fairly rare and is awesome to look at. This one comes complete with the original box.
Playstation (Sony) – The original Playstation from Sony. This great console comes with it’s very humble original box. I guess Sony wanted to be careful upon it’s first release in Japan by cutting box art and quality costs. By the time it hit North America, Sony put on a confident glossy finish 😛
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  • Riku
    Oct 16, 2010

    Very interesting post. I’m not surprised with the variety of consoles that are found in Japan. I always loved the golden N64…it’s just so elegant 😉

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