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Converse Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Shoes

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Converse released four different pairs of Super Mario shoes. Sadly, the shoes were released only in Japan. This of course doesn’t stop a hardcore collector from grabbing up a pair on eBay. The only question is… which pair would you want most? Or can you afford to buy one of each for your collection? It’s a tough choice and they are getting more rare by the day. Even now, about 7 months since their release in Japan, the prices have gone crazy and they are still selling. I’ve listed the cheapest auctions I could find that are still put up by sellers with %100 positive feedback. You don’t want to end up with a $20 pair of shoes with some Mario doodles on them, right?

Mario Sprite Pattern (Black) – This simple looking pattern nails the quiet cool that game related gear can sometimes have. At first glance for many, it’s nothing special. If a gamer takes a glance, it catches their eye before they know why!

Mario Sprite Pattern (White) – Same as the pair above except these have a white back. Something to note about all four pairs is the starman Converse star. Awesome…

World 1-1 Pattern – Nothing in the Super Mario series is more recognizable than world 1-1. If you flip down the back, you see Luigi grabbing some coins.

Bowser’s Castle Pattern – This is my favorite of the four. It works on so many levels color-wise, it puts Mario up against Bowser, and if you flip down the back of the shoe you see Princess Peach with Mario. It’s also up for the lowest price compared to the other three auctions here today.

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