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Cosplay – A brief history

Cosplay or Costume Play is a term used to describe the costumes of fictional characters. Fictional characters can be from video games, cartoons, movies and so forth. We have one day a year where we dedicate a day to wearing costumes for the soul purpose of scaring evil spirits away from our house, or at least it was the reason hundreds of years ago but I wont go there. That is obviously called Halloween. But for every other day where you just want to dress up(yes people just dress up for the sake of dressing up in their costume), then you would call that cosplay.

Now that you got a brief history of it’s background I found a lovely site that had a dedicated community to cosplay. It has everything from information, ideas, forums, photos and so on. It’s and signing up is free. I already signed on and started interacting on the forums. For those who love video game costumes this is the place to be. I always wanted to dress up as Cloud or Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and checking that site out gave me tons of new ideas for props. Next otakuthon is in a year which leaves me plenty of time to brain storm ideas.

I found some cool cosplay costumes. I’ll admit I’m mostly into video game characters, not so much the cartoons itself. I can go as far and appreciate any Naruto character(who doesn’t like Naruto?) but I attached some cool character pics below.

What about you? What’s your cosplay? Does it come down to favorite character or the physical appeal?

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